Saturday, 16 July 2011

The story of my arrival

15 June 2011... Mum not convinced that I was about to arrive
16 June 2011: Hello world!
Weight:3.36kg  Lenght: 51cm  H.C.: 33.5
They measured me then...
Holding papa's hand for the first time!
11-30 pm: Officially 6 hours old.

That is a story of my arrival in pictures. It is all started on 15 June 2011. However, my stubborn mum resisted to believe to doctors who said that I was about to arrive. She thought it was just some unpleasant pains that would go away. But no the pains were me trying to get out. As a result in 5am, 16 June 2011 papa and mama were rushing to the hospital scared to stuck in traffic somewhere around Military road. Silly they thought I could appear any minute. Mama & papa did not know the process would take 12 hours haha 

There was not much happening during those 12 hours of labour apart from mama screaming and breaking her promises to relax and meditate during the birth. Instead she sacked gas, took morphine and... when she started screaming so loud people in a neighboring suburb could hear that epic: "Come on people do something about it!" the doctors gave her epidural. Then it all went happy and smoothly. At 5-34pm I was born, fluffy and hungry as always. I had my first feed, let little scream saying "Hello!" to my parents and "Thank you!" to the doctors and then went to sleep. My life outside of mum's belly has began!

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  1. Pacman was 51cm and 3.36kg when he was born too!
    On another note, you have one gorgeous little fluff :)