Monday, 18 July 2011

Discovering my hew home

So this is my home? Let me think about it...
Watching me, watching you!
Guess who is the main person in this photo?
On 21 June 2011, I finally arrived to my new home. Being a very small creature, I still managed to create a big mess around the big house. That was my way of educating parents about having a baby. I think it took them about 3 weeks to understand life will never be the same. Finally they stopped trying to clean every thing immediately as the spots were growing exponentially, nappies were reaching the height of Mount Everest and every clean wrap they were trying to swaddle me in I would make dirty in the blink of an eye. ha ha
So now they have adjusted and all three if us enjoying the happy fluffy times regardless the mess!


  1. Masha this blog is sooooo cute! I'm glad you're enjoying happy fluffy times now :-)

  2. LOL at the cleaning up immediately. That would be me!! I can't stand to leave a mess. Oh man I'm going to suck at that part of motherhood. This blog is too cute M!